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Multimedia, 2007.


Computer case mod housed in taxidermied beaver.

About Compubeaver:
I am interested in the way we interact with nature. As we become increasingly reliant on technology, we become disconnected from our natural environment. Nature then is a spectacle (ie holy crap, that’s a beaver!), an outing, a thing that is nonexistent in our daily lives.

There is also something intrinsically funny about putting a computer in a beaver. In fact, I find it difficult to think of a more ridiculous case housing for an office machine. All innuendos aside, what better creature to house the busiest of machines – the machine that has sped up our lives and made us captive to a constant flow of information.

Technical Specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo processor – T7200 2.00 GHz 667 4MB 1.0375–1.3V
160G Hard drive – laptop drive
Motherboard: AOpen Mini ITX A-I945GTT-VFA (RoHS)
with external power supply
Panasonic UJ-85J 8X Slim DVD Burner
Tornado 80mm fan – ACCES FAN|80X38 3/4PTD8038H VTTD RT


Instructions for building your own Compubeaver case mod here.
Engineer Joy