Noticing the Details began as a place to collect observations and images while traveling in China in 2013.

I went to Shanghai and beyond because I wanted to know what it felt like to be alive among so many humans in a place that is changing faster than anywhere on earth.

China defies description. It's intense. Sometimes jarring, often beautiful, at times hopeful, always full of contrast. The blog Noticing the Details was my way of trying to make sense of my experience there through color, light, and words.

Below are a few of the images from the full set. They're best viewed at full resolution - please click for larger version. Many more can be found at http://blog.noticingthedetails.com

I wanted to create a corner of the wily internet that you can get lost in. A digital version of the kind of places I seek out. So pull up a chair. Stay a while. I’ll leave the light on for you.

Engineer Joy