Wearable brass birdcage dress.
Perfect for casual Fridays at the office.

Made of brass and silk. I'd seen a few illustrations of birdcage dresses, but never one actually brought to life. Most illustrations lacked legs, which made the idea of creating the real thing an appealing challenge.

Step by step instructions on the process are here: instructables.com

Photo by Daniel Bergeron

More photos of the birdcage dress are here: yourpsychogirlfriend.com/birdcage/


This is one of many wearable pieces created as part of a multi-year collaboration with Vanessa Bonet. Using unconventional materials, we created a wide variety of whimsical, highly detailed wearable pieces based on abstractions of fashion, sculpture, and the human form.

More of our work can be seen here: yourpsychogirlfriend.com

Photos by Suzan Jones

Engineer Joy